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Tokage stands now in the middle of it all, a small cube with a winged insect inside it is hovering slightly above his hand. As Tokage holds the cube up above his head, Elijah realises that it must be that girl's fairy cube. By absorbing that, is he using even more strength on them...? Rin and Elijah watch as Tokage is still standing inside the circle with the girl and her comrades seemingly dead on the floor. Elijah realises that the circle was the sign to summon fairies; the mystery circles were in truth fairy circles! The boy tries to hold back Rin who is deeply shocked, but Tokage notices their presence and attacks them. Elijah is pulled back by someone so when Tokage moves towards the spot were he heard something, he only finds the now unconscious Rin. He also notices something reflecting the light on the floor beside Rin, picks it up and realises it's "that kid's" rosary.

Elijah awakes - and finds none other than Kaito kneeling next to him who remarks it was a dangerous situation. Elijah inquires at once after Rin and Ainsel tells him that it seems like she lost her consciousness and Tokage took her with him. The boy gets up and turns to leave but Kaito offers him a ride in his fancy sports car. On their way to Rin, Elijah/Ian reminds Kaito that he once said he was neutral, to which Kaito replies that yes indeed, he interferes neither with Elijah/Ian nor with Tokage and is just watching over the world being changed. But there's one thing he'd like to tell the boy and that is that if Tokage becomes stronger by killing more fairies, there is still a change there won't be a need for "Hasumi Ian." Elijah, who has been listening attentively to Kaito's words, looks rather shocked. Ainsel agrees with her master and says she can feel that the fairies are still alarmed and worried - an evil foreboding concerning Tokage.

Somewhere else in the city, a young man and a girl are sitting beneath the light of a streetlamp. It's Ian/Tokage and Rin, who suddenly regains her consciousness and immediately shrinks away from Tokage. The latter tries to calm the girl by telling her she collapsed in the school grounds. But Rin is still afraid of him and tells him he is lying, he killed the transfer student just a while ago at school. Tokage tells her that she is talking nonsense and that she must have had a nightmare. He takes her hand and Rin realises that it's just the normal Ian and she really must have been having nightmares because such things cannot be real. But as Tokage holds her close to himself, Rin notices the piece of a broken cross pendant around the boy's neck and remembers how she saw him wearing the pendant during that fight during which it seemed to protect him. Words are coming back to Rin as she looks above Ian/Tokage, up to the moths dancing in the light of the lamp. "You cannot become a butterfly, no matter you, a moth, try to mimic the real thing." - And then Rin seems to understand.

Part 3

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