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Note: I'm using the Japanese order of names - surname followed by first name - because that's what I'm used to. Also, information is subject to constant change and based on what's been published of the manga so far - and that isn't much ;)

羽住衣杏 - Hasumi Ian.

A blonde boy, one of the protagonists of the story. From very early on, he has been able to see fairies and similar beings.
After his mother Kureha, who he remembers to have looked just like a fairy, left his father, Ian has to endure a lot of pain.
There are marks of a pair of butterfly-like wings on his back.
He loves Rin because she is the only one who believes in the existance of the fairy world and she can give him the strength to go there.
Constantly followed by his other self, Tokage, until he dies and Tokage takes over Ian's body. Ian's soul now has to find a body to take revenge and get back everything that belongs to Ian.

トカゲ - Tokage.

A boy with green hair and red eyes, named after the green lizard (tokage means lizard) Ian once saw as a small boy. Ian's other self (?). Detests Ian and does everything to hurt him and cause him trouble. He can fly; appears and disappears whenever and wherever he wants to.
After Ian gets a Fairy Cube from Kaito, a strange mark stretches from his right cheek across his right eye to his forehead, the same mark the lizard in Ian's Fairy Cube is bearing.
When Ian dies, Tokage takes over Ian's body and life, his green hair and red eyes invisible to human beings.

石椛鈴 - Ishinagi Rin.

A black-haired girl. Her father is a workaholic who seldomly came home when her family still lived together. He tried to protect Rin from her mother who constantly beat her, but failed.
Childhood friend of Ian's. He showed her the fairy world and his butterfly marks on his back. When Rin's mother found them, they were separated. Ian's father fired Rin's father who was his editor so Rin's family had to move.
Only recently, Rin moved back and transferred to Ian's school. Her parents got divorced in the meantime, so Rin's surname changed from 灰田/Haida to Ishinagi. Her mother still beats her a lot.
She feels bitter about her parents and adults in general. She trusts and believes Ian, just like she did when they were still children. With her powers, Ian can show her the world of fairies. Because her real life holds so much sadness and violence, she wants to go and search the entrance to the world of fairies.

エインセル - Ainsel.

A cute fairy who was saved by Kaito. She'd do anything for him, even kill the person who poses a threat to Kaito. She looks frail and pretty (and absolutely sexy in her frilly corset dress) but is rather unpleasant and ready to use her Glamour when someone wants to hurt her master, Kaito. The only problem is she can't really control her powers so, as Ian soon finds out, it's quite dangerous to be around her when she's angry. In the fairy world, she is careful and senses danger much earlier than Ian.
After their visit to the Otherworld, Ainsel is impressed by Ian's determination and wants him to become his Partner.

界外 - Kaito.

The antique shop owner. Handsome and mysterious. Has long light hair which usually hides his right eye that's also covered by a patch. Appears on the scene of one of the "fairy murders" and takes a cube from the dead body. Ian suspects him to be the murderer. Gives Ian a Fairy Cube with a lizard inside and tells him about the curse of the cube.
Kaito seems to be able to use Glamour with his right eye and transports Ian and Ainsel to the Fairyland.
Has been trying to find a body strong enough to accept Ainsel. Uses the dead bodies of those who weren't adapted to a fairy living inside them for experiments in his lab and gives Ian's soul a body. (But at what cost?)

羽住一巳 - Hasumi Kazumi.

Ian's father. Has an aura of coldness and slight madness around him. Once a famous writer and the favourite son of the literary world, he now works as a Japanese teacher at Ian's and Rin's school.
His writing skills left him with his wife, Kureha. He told his son Ian that she looked just like a fairy. He fears that his son is too similar to Kureha; he bruises Ian's wings with a candle so he can't flee just like his mother.

呉葉 - Kureha.

Ian's mother. Disappeared when Ian was still a baby. Ian's father told him she looked just like a fairy. And Ian remembers how she held him and that she had green hair and red eyes.

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