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Just at that moment, Elijah appears, running towards Rin. He tells her she isn't wrong, tells her to believe in the things she saw and in him! Tokage still stands in front of Rin and looks strangely at the little boy. Elijah goes on telling Rin that she should be able to hear them; everywhere around that guy, you can only hear the screams of the fairies! But if she puts her trust in him again, the boy tells Rin, who listens attentively, they will be able to make a miracle happen again, just like at that time. Rin wonders why it's only Elijah's voice that is ringing in her head. Tokage can only stand by and watch as Elijah and Rin join their hands.

Rin hears the words again she heard such a long time ago, that if she is with him, the world is revived in such a beautiful way - and at those words, Rin notices hundreds of tiny fairies around her. Her eyes fill with tears as she hears Ian's promise that they'll go there together, to that pretty world, as outside of her memories in the present, Elijah is pushing her away from Tokage over the edge of the bridge! A pair of wings appears on Elijah's back and flying with Rin towards the road below, he looks back up at Tokage who's still standing on the bridge in shock. As Rin and Elijah land (more or less) safely in Kaito's car, Tokage suddenly understands. He laughs like a maniac as it dawns on him that the boy is in truth none other than Ian!

Meanwhile, Elijah drags Rin behind himself to his grandmother's house. He had hoped to sneak in quietly but Lady Barrett is already waiting for him at the stairs and asks the boy if that person with him is his precious young lady. Elijah is absolutely embarrassed and quickly tries to apologise to his grandmother. But the old lady only reminds him that it is dangerous to come home so late, asks her servant Francis to prepare a room (for Rin because it is already too late for her to go home), and says she'll listen to Elijah's full explanations tomorrow. In return, she wants them to listen to her old stories stories and folklore tomorrow.

As we see a young girl in a pretty dress sit beneath a tree near a little river, Lady Barrett says that Ireland, where she was born, is a mysterious place where the Celtic legends still remain. When she was a child, she often sensed all sorts of presences in the woods, even after she had lost her eyesight.

A small, melancholic smile creeps upon the old lady's face as she admits she cannot see such things anymore, even though she has been to there, to the Other World. After she has quickly turned around to go to her room, she asks Elijah to tell her tomorrow - over a cup of tea - about the young lady and the little person on his shoulder (Ainsel !), and also what his real name is and what happened to her grandchild, Eljiah. Needless to say, Ian/Elijah looks more than surprised! What does the old lady know and why can she see Ainsel?

(To be continued...)

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