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The long-haired girl asks the nameless Tokage-san on his clock what has happened to his former comrades. Does he feel like figthing against her all on his own? Tokage replies he is not so good at team play to which the girl answers that without strong leadership you cannot rise to the top. She tells him to look at her soldiers with her genome planted into their brains. Even now her friends, who are spread all over the world, are seizing the power over the earth and will soon rule over the whole planet. While the proof for that, the mysery circles, are increasing, the Utopia of that person who is behind it all (we see someone with short hair with their back to us) is drawing near. And with a gleeful smile, she explains that the humans who have chased them away will soon be ruled by the fairies. She is now laughing like a maniac and says that the species that will become extinct is that of the human beings! This world belongs to the chosen, beautiful and legitimate fairies, the Seelie Court! As little Elijah and tiny Ainsel are speeding towards the school, the girl adds that for that reason everyone who stands in their way will have to be killed, and pointing up to Tokage she says that by that she means those ugly, evil hybrid fairies of the Unseelie Court!

Tokage cannot help but smirk at the word hybrid. He asks the girl if she knows about own self because it is completely visible to Tokage. He says that even though it is obvious she has been able to successfully enter the body of a true beauty, her true form is completely different. Elijah and his fairy have now arrived at the school ground, have found the meeting place of the supposed fight and also see Rin, who has also just arrived and wonders what is going on here. Meanwhile, Tokage continues telling the girl that the pattern of the wings she spreads with such pride are mimicking the wings of a butterfly, but her true form of a moth cannot be hidden. The fact that she is now trying so desperately to obtain things must be an ambition born of her inferiority complex. He reminds her that she knows very well who the truly ugly person is.

At those words, the girl lets loose her fairy powers to make Tokage shut up. She tries to attack him, almost destroying the clock he is standing on top of with her Glamour. Rin wants to run to the aid of Ian but Elijah stops her and tells her not to leave her hiding place. He tells Rin to watch closely. This is the true form of those guys, he says.

An amulet, which Tokage is wearing around his neck, is glowing and hovering in the air in front of his chest. He gets up, telling the fairy girl that he understands now, that she must have been devouring her comrades like crazy before she came here, but she doesn't stand a comparison to him... and glaring menacingly down at her, he takes off his coat... and sends an enormously strong attack of his powers through his coat down on the girl and her comrades. We realise this was just a distraction so Tokage could land safely on the ground.

Cowering on the floor, he spits out in rage that after he was abandoned as a sacrifice in the Otherworld, he must have devoured hundreds and thousands of spirits. She, who has just been eating a few small fish cannot be compared to him, who killed the evil spirits inhabitating hell (the other side)! Only in order to make his parents, who sold him, and Ian, who (without knowing that) burdened Tokage with everything, face the same things he had to go through, did he come all this way while spitting blood and vomit. Tokage's eyes are burning, the fairy girl and her comrades are heavily injured and Rin realises in shock that this is not Ian. Suddenly, I bright light shoots through the fairy girl who cries out in pain, Tokage is standing behind her uttering words in a strange tongue. A strange circle glows on the ground beneath them with the girl's comrades already lying unconsciously on the floor inside the circle. Brightly shining wings are flowing through the air, thousands and tens of thousands of them, as Elijah notices. This, the little boy realises, must be an aggregation of the wrath of all the spirits that were so cruelly murdered. This is the scream of the lizard, Tokage.

Part 2

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