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While she is still thinking of that scene of reunion, the face of a small boy, Elijah's, pops up in front of Rin's. She jumps up in shock and asks him what he's doing here and how he got into the school grounds. Elijah innocently points at a whole in the wall and tells her to be quiet or else they'll be found out. Smiling cutely, he tells her he has the day off because of a school anniversary and he could tell from Rin's school uniform what school she goes to so he came here to hang out with her. (Ainsel, who can't be seen by Rin, pokes Elijah's ear because he's been lying and making up a false excuse.) Rin tells him slightly embarrassed that this isn't a place to just hang out when suddenly, she hears someone coming near, quickly holds Elijah's mouth shut with her hand and hides with him just in time. It's two students, a handsome boy and a girl with long black hair, who Rin recognises as the transfer student that Ian had got into a fight with a while ago! The couple kiss and Rin quickly holds a hand in front of Elijah's eyes because "it's something a child shouldn't see", but then the couple quickly vanishes into the bushes of the school ground. Rin is surprised and wonders if it isn't a bit too quiet but then the girl reappears inside the shrubbery. The girl smirks and tells the boy to stand up. Rin and Elijah stand by quietly, their eyes wide with shock, as the boy bows slightly and addresses the girl obediently as Miyuu-sama. They silent observers both notice blood on the back of the boy's neck. Rin wonders what the heck that was but Elijah has already realised that this girl is a Winger. She and the boy walk off but all of a sudden, she turns around towards Rin and Elijah!

They have been found out! Striking a pose, the girl asks if this isn't the lizards, no Ian-kuns's girlfriend. With the slightest trace of sarcasm she remarks that peeping must be such a nice hobby... or was she just looking for her purse? Rin stammers it was just a coincidence she came here but the girl smirks and wonders why she kept so quiet and notices that it looks like she has brought her little brother along which means they are even now. Elijah/Ian is hiding behind Rin's back with Ainsel sitting on his shoulder and thinks to himself that it's alright because she's not supposed to be able to see him and Ainsel.

But then the girl starts to giggle and tells Rin she really feels sorry for her she's been tricked by that guy (Tokage) quite a bit. Rin asks her angrily what she is talking about. Triumphantly the girl explains that he has not stopped hanging out with his friends. She heard him say that tonight they'll be have some fights here again. They said they had decided not to meet when Rin was around and would finish off some guys they didn't like tonight at 11.
Rin can't believe what she has just been told... Ian told her he wouldn't meet them anymore...! The girl laughs nastily and challenges her to come and see for herself tonight if she doesn't believe her. Then the girl runs away, leaving Ian wondering whether she is Tokage's enemy and if the event tonight is just a trap...!?

Rin interrupts Elijah's thoughts, saying she hates it when he looks like that. Then she smiles and says she won't go, because she has already decided to trust Ian. She squats down in front of Elijah and tells him not go home to the people he trusts as they are worried about him. And then she asks him to be a good boy at which Elijah gets very upset, much to Rin's surprise. He yells at the girl that even though he is just a child at the moment, he likes Rin and there's no way he'll lose to that guy! He tells her not to be deceived by that guy's attitude because he, Ian, is the one who'll protect her and she shouldn't forget that!

As Elijah is making is way back through the little hole in the wall and Rin sees him off, they are completely unaware of being watched through one of the school building's windows. It's Tokage who's realizing that the damn kid has been popping up quite a lot lately!

Part 3

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