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A small crowd of students is standing in front of the school building. They are looking up at the wall where there has appeared a large clock-like symbol with a butterfly in its center and strange writings around it. But a teacher tells them to go back into their classrooms. In a corner of the school, Tokage has gathered is thugs around him again. He seems to have read the sign as he remarks that so it is at one o'clock tonight that a settlement will be reached on the school grounds. And rather rudely, he adds that the b*tch likes it showy.

Back at home, little Elijah has to apologise to his grandmother who is very angry at him because he skipped school. Lady Barrett says she doesn't want to hear his excuses, the blood running through the boy can't be denied after all. He is just like that abominable man who deceived her daughter. Ian knows that all everything he did is seen as something Elijah has done. He replies determinedly that he is himself and it has nothing to do with his father, it was he who did all those things. He asks her to believe him just that one thing which is that his parents truly loved one another and that they, including Elijah, were very happy; that's why the real Elijah is not the kind of person who would do such things. Ian notices inside Elijah's body that all of Elijah's memories are flowing towards him... Elijah was possessed by a fairy, but they were incompatible so Elijah died and then that happened inside his parents car... (We see Elijah's parents screaming in terror inside the car as blood is spurting out of their son's back, who is sitting in the backseat.) ...and then the accident happened.

Elijah/Ian tells his grandmother that he has a person who is very precious to him and who is facing great danger. That's why he has to stay with her, no matter what, because he wants to protect her!! And in a way Ian realises as very selfish, he asks Lady Barrett for just a little more time. And then he gets down on his knees in front of his grandmother and her servant and goes on saying that this body still remembers, still remembers that both his father and his mother were very worried about his grandmother, still remembers how he, Elijah, had been missing all the time, still remembers how happy he was overwhelmed with love.

Lady Barrett has been listening to Elijah's outburst with her eyes closed. She finally replies that even if he tells her all of this now, it can't be helped. Holding on to her walking stick she asks Elijah to at least wait with his running around until school is out. She won't allow him to get in danger. She will have him picked up by a car from now on so he can't do whatever he wants anymore. The person she hired for this purpose was recommended by a source she trusts. After she has added that she senses she can trust this person judging by his voice too, she calls the person's name: Kaito! And called by his mistress, Kaito himself appears at the stairs, wearing a long black coat and his eye-patch. Smiling, he is introduced to his young master. He and Ainsel cannot believe their own eyes and wonder what the hell he is thinking!

Late that evening, Rin is trying to call Ian but his phone is off again. She remembers the girl with the long her telling Rin not to be fooled and wonders if there's really a fight at school tonight... Can she doubt Ian's words even after she has decided to trust him?

Meanwhile, Kaito has flopped down on a couch and is surprised that Ian doesn't want to hear what he has to say. As tiny Ainsel punches Kaito's shoulder for leaving her alone without telling her anything, Ian tells Kaito he'll listen to him afterwards. Grabbing Ainsel, he tells Kaito he now has to see with his own eyes what is going to happen at that school tonight. And off he goes, wondering what Tokage is planning.

At school, the girl with the long hair and four of her friends (including the tall young man with something long wrapped up in cloth - a sword?), are already waiting for Tokage who is sitting on top of a tall clock, the full moon behind him. After the girl has welcomed him and addressed him as Tokage, he tells he that this isn't his name. As we see Rin running though the city, Tokage says that just like she already knows, Hasumi Ian isn't his real name either. Looking down on the girl with expressionless eyes, he tells her that he doesn't have a name as that is probably something unnecessary to someone who is sacrificed as a Changelling.

(To be continued...)

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