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Ainsel looks a bit crushed and sighs that humans have forgotten all about the fairies because they think they are just dreams. Sitting on Ian's/Elijah's shoulder, she tells him she knows that Rin wouldn't have believed him if he'd told her he was the real Ian. Ian becomes rather melancholic and thinks that even if it causes him pain, he'll have to see through Tokage's game without revealing his (Elijah's) true identity. If Tokage finds out, all his efforts will have been in vain. And then Rin might be in danger too... But what about Tokage - what is he planning to do at Ian's school? Does it have to do anything with the number of Wingers increasing all over the world...? And what are they trying to achieve...? Ian looks determined as he warns Tokage that he'll definitely destroy his plans and take Rin back...!>br>

The television news are reporting that the mystery circles that appeared over night especially in England, have once more started to appear in recent years. In Ian's school, several girls are discussing those circles, wondering whether they might also appear in the gardens of the city's schools, now that they have also been appearing in Japan.

Suddenly, a group of thuggish looking older students are walking out of the school building, led by Tokage/Ian and a rather embarrassed looking Rin. A girl with long black hair brushes against Tokage's shoulder as she's walking past him. He gives her an evil glance and asks her if she did that on purpose. But the girl, who is joined by a short haired girl and a tall male student who's holding something long wrapped up in a piece of cloth (a sword or some sort of bat?), smirks, feigns surprise ('Oh, a false accusation?') and says it looks like it's going to be interesting at this school. While she stands there with her friends, the slightest traces of butterfly wings can be made out behind her!

Tokage/Ian asks her if she's a transfer student and she replies yes, she's transferred from the Hokusei School. Ian tells her he heard that a mystery circle had appeared in the school garden there. And the girl smugly confirms that and adds that it is designed in a very beautiful and artistic geometrical pattern. She also says that it would suit this school, too. And then she asks Tokage if he isn't the reptile king? He needs a beautiful queen, she adds. One of Tokage's thugs wants to make her shut up but Tokage holds him back. He approaches the girl amusedly and remarks that she seems like a woman of spirit. Walking more closely towards her, he tramples on some bluebells. Rin looks alarmed. She steps towards Ian's impersonator and the girl and reminds him that he used to love these flowers. But Tokage doesn't seem to understand.

Tokage replies coldly that you shouldn't stand in the way of the strong if you don't like being trampled down, just like his former self, and also like his thugs. (He points nonchalantly at them.) He wants to tell her that she, too, must prefer his present self, but Rin is disgusted by these words and won't let him come near her. She retorts that it is pretty obvious that Ian has changed; but he hasn't become strong. He has forgotten so many things and he only looks like he is insensible to pain. As Rin tells him he seems like a completely different person, Tokage glances at her disapprovingly. But Rin has already turned away from him and tells him over her shoulder that because she can no longer be with him, she might as well disappear for a while. And then she runs away...

The black haired girl laughs amusedly, saying to Tokage that it looks like he's been dumped. One of Tokage's thugs adds that this Rin chick had better be gone... but before he can finish that, Tokage grabs him and tells him to quit babbling; that girl is his trump card.
Smirking evilly, Tokage thinks to himself that indeed, when the real Ian showed up, he didn't necessarily have to have passed quietly to the land of death. Remembering Ian's tortured face when he 'died', his thoughts go out to Ian, wondering where Ian is. He also wants Ian to appear before him quickly. He's really looking forward to that - but then again, is Ian maybe already somewhere near him...?

Part 3

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