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Rin and little Elijah are in a quiet corner of a park, discussing Ian's strange behaviour again. As Rin's sitting on a bench, she says with a glum expression on her face that it would be better if Ian really was a Changeling after all, because that would mean his real self was still somewhere, in one way or another. Loneliness is clearly written across her face as she goes on saying that now she is all alone again, even though they had promised to go and search for the fairy world together. But then Rin realises who she is telling all of this to and quickly apoligises to Elijah. However, to Rin's astonishment, Elijah replies he knows about this. He says he knows about the search with Rin, because - and he grabs the girls arms - he really is ...

But even before Elijah can tell Rin of his true identity, someone calls Rin's name! It's Ian/Tokage who apologises to Rin from some distant stairs. He yells over to her, saying he only became stronger because he wanted to protect her. Speaking in a manner Elijah/Ian recognises as his own, the fake Ian goes on telling Rin that he started taking self-defence classes and was admired for his muscles. Against his better judgement, he got into fights and stuff and that made him feel a lot better. Rin stares up at him as he offers her to cut off contact with his gang. Rin yells up to him that he shouldn't promise her too much because he likes hanging out with his gang better than being with her.

Elijah desperately holds on to one of Rin's hands, thinking that it's no use. Meanwhile, Tokage shouts over to Rin not to forget her memories of him! Elijah/Ian reminds himself that Wingers can impersonate strangers very easily because they inherit all memories from the former owner of their body...! And with this, Tokage remembers Rin of the promise they had made to go and search for the Land of Fairies together! Struck by these words, Rin let's go of Elijah's hand as she calls out Ian's name.

Elijah/Ian cannot stop Rin from running up to Tokage, right into the Changeling's open arms. It pains Elijah so much he has to hold on to his amulet. Tokage who is now reunited with Rin, notices the rosary in Elijah's hands and asks hims if it is an amulet to protect him and tells him with an arrogant smirk that if he wanted to be protected by something he'd reach out for someone else's woman and advises him to go home and get spoilt by his mother. Rin, while drying her eyes, laughs at Tokage's/Ian's words and walks off with her boyfriend. Elijah is still holding on to his amulet and watches them leave. Bitterly he thinks that he is glad about the situation Tokage has put him in and wants it to stay this way forever because if Tokage hates him so much, Ian will be able to endure any feelings of desperation, no matter how overwhelming!

(To be continued...)

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