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In a splendid room with a chandelier, an old lady sits in a comfortable chair. She's talking to a young boy in a curious-looking school uniform (Ian in his new body) and tells him coldly not to expect any affection from her. Ten years ago, her daughter had run away with one of the servants and died in an accident with her husband. And when she was suddenly informed that their child that had been thrown out of the car and disappeared without a trace was alive, she couldn't just simply accept it. And she tells him, Eriya Baretto (Elijah Barrett?), that he must understand, that she hasn't accepted him as her grandchild yet.

Out on the streets again, Ian/Elijah is laughing, saying that his granny is horrible. Ainsel, flying beside Ian, looks rather miffed and asks him why he's laughing and if he doesn't feel offended. But Ian calmly replies that he thinks she wasn't pleased with the experience of being left by her only daughter and that living all by herself, without a husband, must have been really difficult for her. And it's the truth that he, Ian, isn't her grandchild Elijah.

Images of Tokage holding Rin are conjured in his mind as Ian thinks to himself that he and the fairy Ainsel received this body called Elijah from the mysterious Kaito in order to take revenge on Tokage, who took over his, Kasumi Ian's, body and stole everything from him. We see the small boy Elijah with transient fairy wings on his back and Ian reminds himself that he has entered a stranger's body and become a Winger. He is aware that as a consequence, he has to deceive Lady Barrett, 'his' grandmother. But he definitely won't give up until the day he has taken back Rin from the Tokage's hands!

Then suddenly, Ian hears someone call 'his' name, "Elijah." He turns around only to realise it is Rin in her school uniform! She asks him if he's on his way back from school. Ainsel says snappishly that Rin is such a thoughtless chick who doesn't have a clue about anything. Ian quickly tries to shush the angry fairy and asks Rin ('oneesan') if she's on her way back from school too. While Ainsel retorts that normal humans can't see and hear her and proves that by kicking Rin who is completely unaware of Ainsel's existence, Rin herself tells Ian not to call her 'older sister' ('oneesan') but to call her by her name, Rin.

They are now walking past a beautiful flowerbed and Rin asks Ian if he knows what kind of flowers these are. Ian says they are some kind of bellflower. Rin is surprised he knows that and tells him that these flowers also grow on the grounds of her school. Ian can't help but think that when he's with Rin like that, it feels just like in the old days when he still had his own body. Rin goes on telling little Elijah/Ian that some time ago, someone wanted to trample all over the flowers. And in a flashback we see Rin standing near the window in a classroom, looking down on the flowerbeds. Down there Ian (in his old and 'true' body) tries to protect the flowers from some bullies and looks relieved that he was able to save the flowers because even though the fairies dwell within them, he likes those flowers (Bluebell = Fairy Bells or Fairies' Thimbles). In the present, Rin smiles at the boy and tells him that even if she thought of that guy (Tokage or, as Rin thinks, Ian) as dangerous, he is now like before and that makes her very happy. Ian realises she witnessed the 'flower incident' and asks her innocently if she's talking about that older boy ('oniisan') she was with some time ago, and Rin says yes and tells him his name is Ian.

Rin remembers the day when Ian/Elijah met Tokage (in Ian's body) with Rin. She giggles at the thought of Ian's/Tokage's face when Elijah (the true Ian) addressed Tokage as the oniisan (older brother/boy) with red eyes and green hair. Rin also remembers how Elijah went on telling Rin with a kind smile and big eyes that her hair was purple and her eyes pink and if you considered that, neither his own blue eyes nor his blonde hair weren't anything unusual at all. Rin tells Elijah that even though that was just a joke, Ian (Tokage) kept staring at Elijah, and lately, Ian has been acting really strangely. At this, Ian thinks that Tokage must have been trying to find out if he, in the form of Elijah, was a Winger. We see a rosary hanging out of Elijah's pocket and he thinks to himself that as long as he's carrying that amulet with him, his true identity will remain invisible to everybody else.

Elijah/Ian asks the girl what was so strange about Ian lately. Rin says it's just that he's been acting differently after he was wounded... All of a sudden, he must have been in some confrontation with older students. (We see Ian/Tokage being dragged off by some older guy.) Rin says Ian disappeared... (Even though Ian/Tokage is much smaller and younger, he beats the guy to a pulp.) ...And after he came back, some sort of master-and-servant-relationship had been established with Ian as the master, the older guy bowing before him. Day by day the number of 'servants' has been growing and Ian is just like their leader, with all of his servants following him. Rin looks desperate as she tells Elijah that she has no idea how Ian, who'd once been so delicate and such a crybaby, could become such a strong fighter. Even though he still treats her gently, something about him has changed after all! And Rin thinks to herself that she isn't even sure anymore if he really likes her.

Young Elijah seems to understand her worries and looks slightly alarmed at her. But suddenly, Rin seems a lot more composed as she laughs and wonders aloud what she's been telling this little boy. Elijah, however, blurts out that he doesn't know it's true but fairies are kidnapping children they like to replace them. And that Ian might be just a replacement, an imposter! Rin looks in shock at little Elijah - what if that's true and that person she thinks is Ian might have become a completely different being after he obtained that body. Rin ponders whether these words could be true ('A completely different...?') and in her mind two different images of Ian appear, one of Ian protecting the flowers and one of Ian looking rather arrogant. Her doubts seem to vanish as she starts to giggle. She pats Elijah's had as she tells him he's just like the old Ian with a talent for telling stories about fairies. And she walks of, explaing to him that once he's older and in the 9th grade (the third and last year of junior high school) too, he won't be able to dream anymore because of the exams and everything. Elijah wants to reply something but Rin is already on her way back, advising him to go home as well.

Part 2

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