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But before Ainsel can even finish her thoughts, Ian tells her to come over because the two urchins (the two hedgehogs) seem to be able to lead them to the oak tree by a shortcut. Ian and Ainsel follow the two animals through the narrow tunnel. Ian says urchins are related to goblins and are magical beings whose element is the earth.

And then Ian is blinded quite literally by the light at the end of the tunnel. Their journey through the earth has come to an end as they climb right out of the oak tree! One of the urchins has transformed into its human form again and after Ian has thanked them, it kisses Ian lightly on the cheek. Ian realises it must be a girl after all but Ainsel snorts at Ian whose face looks a bit flushed and wonders what he's babbling about.

Meanwhile, the two hedgehogs scurry away and Ian and Ainsel are once again on their own. That's when they notice the fairy circle formed by mushrooms in front of the tree. Ian steps into the middle of it and takes out the mirror in which Kaito's face appears again. Kaito realises that it looks like the two of them have arrived safely at which Ainsel can only retort they are not safe at all. But Kaito tells her rather unimpressed to leave the talk for later and advises them not to even leave the ring with just a toe or it'll stay there.

Then Ian and Ainsel are transported back into the material world and find themselves inside an elaborate circle on the floor, right in front of Kaito who, looking down on them with a sly smile, welcomes them back and enquires if they haven't lost a toe. Ian can't believe his ears and is about reply indignantly when Kaito interrupts him and tells Ian he can get mad all he wants but that doesn't change the fact that just like before he's just the ghost of a dead person with no powers whatsoever, which makes Ainsel look rather sad. But she doesn't say anything as Kaito goes on telling Ian he's been wondering from the very beginning how Ian is going to fight the entity Tokage who obtained the strength of the mighty salamander.

Ian can't take it anymore but finally Ainsel flies in front of Ian to defend him. She tells Kaito she's going to become Ian's wings; he surely can't have anything against that. Kaito keeps his calm composure but is secretly rather surprised by Ainsel's words. The fairy goes on telling that Ian is absolutely determined to get his body back. And first of all, he needs a body to fight, doesn't he? There is a spare one here, isn't there? She reminds Kaito that he tested all those numerous human beings until now just to find a person with the strength to accept her. With a Seer with abilities as strong as Ian's, they could... But Ian interrupts her and wants to know if she's saying she wants him to lend her his powers. Ainsel sticks out her tongue at him and tells him not to misunderstand her. If they fail, this time it'll be his soul that will burst and fly away. And it's only for her beloved Kaito's sake. Upon hearing this, Ian hesitates because he doesn't know what Kaito's thoughts and plans are, after all. Kaito meanwhile simply replies "I see. That will be amusing, too.." and goes on explaining to Ian that it doesn't happen very often that Ainsel is pleased with a human. Ainsel pouts and says she's not pleased with him.

Kaito kneels down in front of Ian and asks him "Even if you cannot be sure if I'm a demon who wants to destroy this world... you'll still sell your soul to this 'merchant of death', exchanging it for the powerful Glamour of the fairy Ainsel and a temporary body?"

Part 3

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