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But Ian has already made up his mind. He'll do anything to win over Tokage, even if it means he'll have to sell the 'world'. Holding on to Kaito's elegant walking stick, he replies he doesn't really have a choice and he'll do anything to exact revenge on that guy. After Ian has spoken these words, Kaito announces the completion of their negotiations.

He leads Ian to a vault lit by a number of lamps which dangle from the ceiling. They gather around a table with a body that's hidden under a long sheet of cloth. "This is your new body," Kaito explains. Smirking at Ian, he goes on telling that he sometimes gets the dead bodies of the people who weren't adapted (to a fairy living inside them). And he asks Ian if he understands the grave sin he's committing from now on. Just like the other Wingers and "the lizard", he's about to steal another person's body. In Ian's mind, this conjures up an image of Tokage laughing like a madman with Rin and his father in the background. Ian thinks that the gravity of the sin of stealing the life of another person, like Tokage did, is unforgiveable. But even if that is the case, he still hates "Tokage". And that's why he reaches for the covered body lying on the table, saying he has no choice. And all we see then is a bloodstained butterfly, as Ian tells Tokage to wait. And to Rin he says he's coming now.

Over images of the city we 'hear' Ian's thoughts. There is an image of a flower. A bluebell, the flower that calls for death if the fairies desire so. A bell that he has to ring. [Note: This sentence has a double meaning as Rin's name is written with the kanji for "bell"!]

Meanwhile, under that imaginary bluebell, Tokage is sitting on a bench and Rin, who stands nearby and doesn't have a clue that this isn't the real Ian she's talking to, realises it's been a whole month since "that" and asks him if Hasumi-sensei, Ian's father, still hasn't recovered yet. "Ian" (Tokage) complains that he's still the same annoying "hikikomori", a person who secludes himself from the outside world and doesn't leave his house. Rin looks slightly tired of hearing Ian say such rude words and tells him to stop because so many things have happened and it's very unlike Ian to speak like that. But "Ian" just nonchalantly pulls Rin closer to hug her and says it's surely because it's been also a month since they started going out with each other and his girlfriend is so cold to him.

Even though we still can't see Ian, we hear him think that as long as Rin is there, the world is vividly coming to life again.
Rin pushes "Ian" away from her. Tokage asks her why she's always running away. The small quarrel between the two is interrupted when a voice suddenly tells Tokage to stop. With a smile the voice notes that he seems to be disliked - he, the oniisan (older boy) with the green hair and the red eyes. Rin looks puzzled and Tokage turns around to see who is talking to him. It's a small boy wearing a strange looking school uniform including a black oldfashioned hat and a tie with a butterfly on it. As we hear Ian think that if he can only bring back Rin's smile, he doesn't care if he'll destroy the whole world, the little boy is still smiling as he tells Tokage he is just like a fairy in the fairy tales.

(To be continued...)

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