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We're picking up where we left off in the last installment, right in the middle of action that is. Ian is determined he's going to take back everything that was stolen from him by that guy, Tokage. Ainsel looks slightly worried at him, astounded by his seriousness. He's not considerate at all and might just be glossing over the true, dangerous facts - but he seems so serious about it.

Still holding the scissors in his right hand, Ian hastily turns to the hedgehog and says "You do know the way to the river, don't you?" which the animal confirms with a squeak. Then Ian tells Ainsel to run away and off the three of them - Ian, Ainsel and the little hedgehog - go, much to Nuckelavee's chagrin. Ainsel seems doubtful about the chances of a successful escape since the big guy (Nuckelavee) needs just 2 or 3 steps to catch up with them. But Ian desperately clings to his life and and tells Ainsel to quit fretting. They have now come to a river bank. Ian grabs Ainsel and throws her and the urchin across the river. The fairy and the animal land in the grass on the other side of the river and Ian tells them not to move away from there! He explains the two of them are safe on that side because the sea monster Nuckelavee cannot cross the fresh water rivers outside his territory. Ainsel wants to ask Ian what he is going to do but he's already quickly climbing up a nearby tree. She realises that this is not the time to be hypocritical and that Ian can't see anything but sadness, anger and despair anymore.

And then Nuckelavee comes stomping along. It must have lost sight of Ian because the monster doesn't notice the boy jumping determinedly down from the tree. Ian grabs hold of a strand of the monster's hair and lands on its shoulders. With the scissors, he frees the little animals that were caught by Nuckelavee from their nets. One of them is the little sister of the hedgehog that lead them to the river. Ian watches the two urchins reuniting and yells at them not to ever let each other go again and not let go of the hands of their most loved person a second time.

Ainsel looks a little suprised (and maybe even moved) to hear Ian say something like this. But when Ian is suddenly thrown off the back of the monster, Ainsel can't help but think that this is exactly why she doesn't want to have anything to do with humans - they help strangers and then end up getting killed themselves. That's the reason why she said it wasn't safe for her to use her power... But suddenly, rocks and smaller stones are flying through the air and while Ainsel thinks "Don't make me use it!", she still uses her powers against Nuckelavee!

The next moment, everything is quiet again. Smoke is rising from the damaged trees that surround the battlefield. Smoke is also rising from the body of the four-legged sea monster - whose head was blown off by the explosion of Ainsel's Glamour!

The fairy is now hovering in the air with her arms crossed and pouting, she reminds Ian that this was why she said she couldn't control her own power and she just wants Ian to be glad they're still alive. Ian looks at the scene with big eyes and laughs. He flops down on the floor, still laughing with relief and tells Ainsel that she was absolutely amazing. But then his expression changes and he starts crying, saying he was so scared. Ainsel is surprised by the sudden change of Ian's mood. She's not sure about what to make of him as the boy thanks Ainsel and tells her if she hadn't been there, he'd have vanished, without having been able to rescue Rin, the girl he loves, nor his father. With tears streaming down his face, he smiles gratefully and admits he's just a ghost who can't do anything; even in this world he's just a loser and would have died right there...!

Puzzled by Ian's sudden outburst of sadness and self-doubt, Ainsel wonders what that dazzling feeling was (when Ian fought against Nuckelavee) and if he really isn't just a kid. She quickly turns around and tells him to stop crying because she can't stand crybabies. Ian apologises but tears continue to flow from his eyes silently. Ainsel thinks he's clearly not in the best of moods and she can't leave him alone like that. There's no way an idiot like him could take revenge all on his own.

Part 2

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