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Ian's eyes are wide in surprise. Is this a real fairy, a transient creature with beautiful wings? But Ian's first impression of the pretty being is destroyed immediately when the fairy comes flying towards him menacingly, her eyes aglow. She yells at him that she's not going to forgive him if he hurts Kaito! But Kaito shouts at Ainsel, the fairy, to stop it and asks her if she is planning to destroy the whole shop. And indeed, with her fairy powers Ainsel smashes an antique vase right behind Ian. Before Ainsel can cause more damage and hurt Ian, Kaito steps into action and removes his eye-patch. A curious beam of light shoots out of his right eye, which looks just like a glowing fairy eye now, and Ian and Ainsel find themselves enclosed in an orb. A blindingly bright light shines through the whole antique shop and suddenly, Ian and Ainsel (plus a couple of antiques) crash back to the floor - of another world!

The first thing Ian notices is the pain when a vase hits him - and then realisation strikes him: he can feel things again! He moves closer to Ainsel who is floating in the air, complaining that Kaito sent them into The Other World. Ian looks around wondering where they are. And indeed, this world is quite different than the world he's been living in. There is only dry bare earth and a few gnarled trees and withered shrubs.

Suddenly, Kaito's face appears in a mirror that was transported to this strange world with Ian and Ainsel. Kaito enquires after Ian and Ainsel's well-being (which Ainsel replies to with a furtive "I'm going to kill you") and then we see him standing in his shop, looking into a mirror himself which shows Ainsel. He tells Ainsel he had to do this because Ainsel used her Glamour, her magic powers, and almost destroyed the shop and the cubes. Ainsel retorts she had forgotten herself but now she wants Kaito to return her quickly. But Kaito says this is impossible because he had opened the dimensions for just a moment and doesn't know very well where in Mag Mor I-Breasil, the land of fairies, they are now. To Ian and Ainsel's utter disbelief, he asks them to find their way back home themselves.

Ian, who has been watching and listening to Ainsel and Kaito without saying a word until now, can't take it anymore. He yells at Kaito to quit making fun of him and asks him if it was his plan to get rid of Ian this way. He doesn't care if Kaito can do magic or possesses supernatural powers, he's going to chase Kaito even till the remotest corner of the world.

Smirking slightly, Kaito replies that there is just one way to return from that world. First of all, they'll have to find the big tree - an oak, an ash, or an hawthorn - that's closest to where they are now. Under that tree, there is supposed to be a fairy circle or Gallitrap, a pixie ring. He is going to use it and open a gate from his side (the human world) and he tells them to contact them through the mirror once they've arrived at the tree.

Finally, Kaito tells Ian that he is now in the territory of spirits. Everything that can be touched in that world, can also be touched by a soul like Ian. In reverse, the spirits of that world can have an influence over Ian. With an encouraging smile, he advises Ian not to be devoured by the Unseelie Court (the evil fairies) and asks hims to look after Ainsel. The latter can only retort if that's the appropriate kind of behaviour towards your beloved girl and Ian, too, is rather angry now and promises Kaito he'll be back to unmask Kaito's true character. Kaito is now holding a glass of wine in one of his hands and calmly replies that he'll pray for Ian's fortune. And then, much to Ainsel's annoyance, the mirror turns blank again.

Part 2

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