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Ainsel interrupts Ian's thoughts about Kaito by pulling at one of his ears. She looks a bit disgruntled and tells him that it's all Ian's fault because he wanted to attack Kaito. Ian cannot give her a reply because he's stunned by her looks (Ainsel's really close to his face by now) because he's still in a bit of a shock to have met a real fairy. To test if she can be touched, he pokes her in the chest which Ainsel answers with a hefty bite into one of Ian's fingers and a threat to what happens to perverts like him.
Ian can't help but think that she feels strangely real and totally different than he had thought.

Then Ainsel tells a bit about her past with Kaito: It was Kaito who helped her out when she was all alone crying in the darkness and who even gave her a name. Kaito is the one person that is meant for her; he is just like a lover to her and she'll kill Ian if he hurts Kaito. Ian can't believe his own ears when he hears the word "lover". When he tries to tell her that she's so many times smaller, Ainsel turns into Evil Mode (including menacingly glowing eyes) again because she misunderstood him. She asks if he's referring to her A cups and starts to attack poor Ian ^^;

Ainsel seems to be a little worried as she thinks that Ian is an idiot and of no use. She is convinced she won't be able to count on him and is determined to work things out on her own. But when the mirror she's trying to drag away nearly squashes her because it is simply too heavy and big, it is Ian who picks it up to free Ainsel. He says he'll carry it and they should go together now. After a snappy reply from Ainsel, Ian remembers the oak closest to them they should look for. And indeed, over the hills of this plain land, far back in the distance, they can make out the green top of a tree!

But for a few seconds, Ian is lost in thoughts again. He thinks of Tokage, who must have borrowed Kaito's powers and thus took over Ian's body. In his mind, he sees Tokage walking with Rin, and feels his determination to return quickly and unharmed, and get Kaito to tell him the method to return things back to how they were because there certainly has to be a way...!
As Ian picks up a pair of scissors that was transported into this world with them, Ainsel quietly wonders why he'd take such an unnecessary thing with him. She doesn't know why Kaito left her to such a spoilt brat. She's now floating through the air with glowing eyes and follows Ian on their journey through the strange land, deciding that if he won't be of use to her and continues to get on her nerves, she will eat him just like she did with the humans up till now.

Ian, who is seemingly not aware of the danger Ainsel poses, is walking through a forest of gnarled trees and thick undergrowth, when he suddenly hears a voice. He finds himself at the bank of a river - and he's not alone. A naked fairy with dark long hair is kneeling in the shallow water. The small delicate being must be a fairy child, or so Ian says and even though Ainsel tells him to keep on walking because that creature is awefully dirty and covered head to toe in mud, Ian doesn't pay her any attention and runs to the fairy. He asks the creature if it is hurt because it must have fallen over somewhere. Ainsel asks Ian if he is out of his mind because they don't even know what that child is and the two of them are also in a bit of a hurry. But Ian takes the child up on his arms and replies that it can't be helped because he is determined he'll never abandon a crying child again and he doesn't want to have any regrets anymore.

Gloom spreads over Ainsel's face as she watches Ian carrying the child. She thinks he's such an idiot and that she hates him. He's the type she hates the most and what he said is just hypocritical. And she speaks out loud that he is just acting out of self-satisfaction; he doesn't do it for the other people but just to make himself feel good.

Part 3

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