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Once again, we see Ian being stabbed by his own father, blood gushing from the wound in his chest. Ian somehow knows exactly that he is dying right there. As he falls to the floor, the cube Kaito gave him drops out of his shirt and the instant it hits the ground, it breaks into pieces to reveal the lizard inside!
A dark hand with claws appears out of the floor. Ian's eyes are wide in pain as he promises Rin he's definitely going to protect her next time... Rin is staring at him in terror while around them, winged creatures with pointed ears and claws appear and soar through the air. We get a short glimpse of a cloaked figure with what looks like two large glowing eyes but then Ian loses his consciousness and Rin drops on her knees and leans over Ian's body, yelling at him and, out of despair, calling him a liar.

In his mind, Ian apologizes to Rin and says he doesn't want to die either. Ian is aware that his father is still standing beside Ian and Rin, holding the bloody knife. Ian's thoughts address his father as he says he knew it wasn't his father who killed him, he clearly saw it wasn't him. The one who manipulated him and made him kill his son was Tokage! Ian wonders if Tokage hated Ian so much...

Then everything turns black. A small sphere of light envelopes the naked body of Ian. There's a chuckling and giggling around him. The voices whisper that it looks like he's dead and he must be a human child, a changed human being. Someone says he looks delicious and another voice wonders if it's okay to eat this soul. Suddenly there's light again. Ian is lying naked and curled up in the fetal position on the floor and horrible demon-like beings have gathered around him, ready to devour him! Ian awakes slowly. All of a sudden, there are two dark figures with large glowing eyes but Ian can't make out their faces. The figure with long dark hair and a beautiful bracelet is holding a staff or a spear and steps forward to drive away the demon-like creatures which it calls lower grade spirits.

And suddenly, Ian wakes and finds himself all alone on the floor with his clothes back on and doesn't know where he is. Then his memories return and Ian remembers that he died, that his father stabbed him and that his life came to end right after he'd told Rin about his feelings for her. In his memories, he sees Rin leaning over him with a desparate look on her face and Ian wonders what has happened to her. He feels he has to go back to her because she's surely crying. He wants to see her for just a moment! His will is so strong, he suddenly finds himself floating over his hometown. Hovering over the streets, he thinks his family is probably holding a funeral for him and wonders what happened to his father who killed his own son.

Finally, he sees Rin who's walking towards someone waiting for her. Ian is glad because Rin looks like she's fine. Ian watches closer to get a glimpse of the blonde boy Rin is talking to. They seem to know each other quite well because they are both laughing. But as Ian moves closer he finds himself looking at his own face! Ian is shocked and wants to know who that guy with his own body is! In the meantime, Rin and the boy have parted ways again and grinning slyly, the boy looks right up at Ian. It's none other than Tokage! For a short moment, the tattoo-like mark on the right side of Tokage's face is visible again. Then Ian finds himself standing opposite Tokage. Tokage explains to him that Ian's in a position where he can't do anything because Tokage is the only one who can see and hear him. From today on, Tokage says, he - Tokage himself - is Hasumi Ian!

Ian is shocked and asks him why nobody notices his red eyes and green hair?! Tokage replies bluntly that those colours that were etched into his soul are invisible to normal human beings. He goes on explaining that the lizard inside the cube Ian possessed was the incarnation of a spirit of fire that Tokage made a contract with: When Ian was killed and his soul had left his body, Tokage borrowed that spirit's strength and took over Ian's body. We get a short glimpse of people walking down a street, one man with fairy wings among them, as Tokage tells Ian that there are plenty of guys like him everywhere. They are called Wingers, spirits that hide inside cubes and take control of the bodies of human beings. In other words, they are sheer imposters possessing the empty shell of people. He asks Ian if he didn't see how they broke into the shell of a human being. There are also spirits who can't adapt to the body once they are inside it. In such instances, they tear open the body and sprout wings and return into their cubes again. That's the true reason behind the Fairy Murders.

An image of Kaito holding Ainsel flashes up in Ian's memory and a realisation strikes Ian! But before he can even finish this thought, Tokage tells him that from now on, Ian's body belongs to Tokage. Tokage says he made use of Ian's father's attachment to his mother. 15 years passed by and he was waiting for this one day. It was all possible because he has the ability to increase evil thoughts.

Part 2

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