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Ian asks Tokage what the hell he is to Ian and why he's been doing such things to him. With a grim smile Tokage replies he is literally another Ian. Ian's eyes are wide in shock when he is told that even if it was Ian himself who was born into this world, Tokage no longer has to live unrecognized by anyone in isolation because from today on Ian is just a ghost and Tokage himself is a living human being! Tokage's face is contorted with pure madness as he says Ian's family as well as his friends and even his girl are now all his!

Suddenly Rin runs towards Tokage asking him if he's finished with what he wanted to do. She punches him lightly in the chest and wants to know if that wound has really healed again and Tokage in Ian's body replies he's already told her he's fine again. Ian can't do anything but watch because Rin can't hear his voice telling her that Tokage isn't the real Ian and that he, Ian, is right there.

Rin has a slightly sad look on her face when she says she still can't believe it all... Even though she was so sure at that time that Ian was stabbed by his father, she has no idea how but his wound was healed up by the time they arrived at the hospital. But Ian's father was overcome with surprise when he realized he held a knife. The whole school was in a state of total chaos because even an ambulance came to pick up Ian. Ian's father was suspended from school and the whole fairy thing was rumoured to be caused by mass hypnotism and stuff like that. Rin goes on saying rather happily that it's not so bad for Ian's father because he can still make a good living with his old novels that are still being sold. She's walking a few feet in front of Tokage whom she mistakes for Ian but she can't see the real Ian who's hovering in the air behind his imposter.

Tokage causes Rin to blush when he remarks that she is talking quite a lot today. He wonders if he'll get answer to what he asked her while she was holding his hand the whole time in the hospital, the first thing he asked after he'd opened his eyes. Rin is a bit embarassed by "Ian's" straightforwardness and takes her time with thinking about an answer. She can't hear the desparate calls of the real Ian who tries to keep her from giving him an answer because Tokage's not the real Ian and he is only using her to hurt Ian. But all his pleading goes unnoticed and Rin agrees to go out with "Ian". Ian tries to stop Tokage from touching Rin but it is all in vain - Tokage moves closer and closer to Rin and kisses her! In deep pain, Ian yells out to Tokage that Rin was the only person important to him...

Ian's father is sitting at the kitchen table. He's tormented by the thought of what he had done to Ian with his own hands. Tokage is leaning against the doorframe and when "his" father mistakes him for Ian, his son, he runs towards Tokage and begs him for forgiveness because he doesn't know himself why he'd wanted to kill Ian and he didn't really want to do it. But Tokage stops him, grabs him by his hair and kicks him to the floor. He tells Hasumi-sensei quite rudely to shut up and keeps on kicking him, while Ian is watching the scene from the kitchen ceiling. He tells Tokage to stop and wills his father to realize that the real Ian is right there, up in the air.

Tokage turns to Ian and asks him if he hasn't realized yet that nobody is noticing Ian anymore. He goes on shouting that now it's Ian's turn to hate Tokage; he can suffer forever while no one's aware he exists and he can't do anything. He might also be devoured by the spirits of darkness because a ghost like him can't do anything at all.
Ian can't take it anymore. He can't forgive Tokage for taking over his whole life and all the things in it; but when he tries to punch Tokage, his hand goes right through Tokage's body because Ian is indeed nothing more than a ghost.

Ian is overcome by his anger and hatred. He's ready to kill Tokage who's laughing out evilly. Ian finds himself crawling on the floor. He cannot believe such feelings even existed within him. Little dark spirits are gathering around him and want to devour him but he simply squashes them with his hand. He's filled with hatred for those who ensnared him and robbed him of everything!

This feeling leads him to the antique shop, of course. Kaito is resting in an almost throne-like armchair and greets Ian. He simply states that Tokage's intrigue must have turned out quite well. Kaito asks him if Ian wants to become his client, too, to take out revenge. Smirking, he adds that the Changeling might just be a fairy prank. Ian is once more overcome by his anger and yells at Kaito to stop fooling around with him. Just at that moment, a strange light is leaving the body of the beautiful doll and the pretty fairy Ainsel with long curly hair and a sexy dress appears in front of the surprised Ian!

(To be continued...)

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