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Now, in the present, Rin asks Ian, who's now sitting on a bench, if those were really fairies they saw that day. Ian replies that it was just a swarm of butterflies and Rin says that if Ian says so, then it must be the truth.
Suddenly, Ian's father appears and angrily asks him what he's doing outside at this time of day. Tokage is right behind him, sticking out his tongue at Ian. Ian's father scolds him for having been in a dispute with a policeman again and wants to take him home. When he sees Rin, he tells her to go home quickly, too. But Rin runs after them and when she touches Ian on his back, it feels to her like there's an electric current flowing through it! Shocked, she asks the surprised Ian if the marks on his back are hurting. Alarmed, Ian's father looks at the girl and suddenly it dawns on him that she's the daughter of his former editor, Haida. He says he heard Haida got divorced. Staring blankly at Rin, he says that Rin's surname has probably changes because of that and now she came back to meet Ian again... Rin looks shocked and Ian's father grabs his son and pulls him away from her. About to leave, he turns to look back at Rin and tells her with an evil grin to go home quickly because "that" mother of her's was already waiting expectantly for her. Eyes wide in shock, Rin turns around and runs away. Ian yells after her but he can't stop her. A small book falls from Rin's pocket to the ground but nobody notices it even though Ian's father even steps on it. A wisp of smoke hovers behind Ian and his father. For a moment, we see Tokage's face and the small book that just fell to the floor.

Back home, Ian is asked by his father if the two of them wanted to run away from him with his money, just like Ian's mother, Kureha. His father goes on to say that after Kureha left him, his writing skills completely vanished. The part of him that once was praised as the literary world's favourite son died together with Kureha. He threatens Ian that if he is going to leave him too... - but Ian interrupts him, saying that isn't true, he hates that girl, she only brings him pain when they're together. Tears streaming down his face, Ian goes on screaming that something like the world of fairies doesn't exist and he doesn't want to go there. Those were just the lies of a foolish child who hungered for everyone's attention. Ian's father tells him to show him his back so he can see for himself whether his son is lying. Terrified, Ian sits on his bed and bares his back: His "birthmarks" are covered by awful bruises!
Ian's father remarks that Ian no longer possesses wings he could fly with, those are just the marks of the burn of that day. In a short flashback of that horrible night, we see the terrified Ian lying on his stomach with his hands bound on a bed, his father standing behind him with a candle in his hand and Tokage laughing out triumphantly. His father tells him he resembles his mother in just about everything.
Ian states he doesn't know what his father would have done to Rin. That's why he couldn't meet her anymore. To him, she was precious because she was the only one who believed him. And because of that, even though he was happy to meet her again he ignored her instead - because it was Ian's father who made Rin's dad transfer and who separated Ian and Rin. Exhausted, Ian lies on his bed thinking that he can't fly anymore, while at the same time a naked form - Tokage - rises into the air with the book that Rin lost hovering in the night sky beside him before he sends it down to the ground again.

Somewhere in the city, a young man is talking on the phone with a girl called Yumi, asking her if she's still mad because he was just saying hi to a girl called Rin. He assures her she's his only girl but then he makes awful noises, as if he was in pain. And suddenly his back splits open, there's blood everywhere and the young man screams in agony. In a tree nearby, there is a boy watching and smirking. It's Tokage and for the first time, we can see his right eye which previously was always covered by his hair: there is a strange mark stretching from his right cheek across his right eye to his forehead. Yes, you've guessed it - it's the same mark the lizard of Ian's cube bears! ...He drops the little book right next to one of the lifeless young man's hands...

Part 5

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