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The next day in school, Ian finds the weird cube with the lizard inside in his pocket. When he holds it up, his friend asks him if Ian likes such girly things like this charm that is the trendy item to have at the moment. But then, there's a lot of noise outside the school. Rin is in trouble again! The girl from last night, Yumi, is accusing her of killing her boyfriend because when she went to check up on him, she found him dead, with Rin's commuter pass case lying next to his body! Rin defends herself stating that there was blood all over his back so it was probably one of those "Fairy Murder cases" and that was a crime a young girl couldn't commit! They continue to yell at each other and Yumi and her friends even start to attack Rin until Ian steps in to protect her. Now Yumi is getting really mad and accuses both Ian and Rin to be partners in crime. They've been spreading lies that fairies do exist so they've probably committed the murders together! She challenges them to prove that there really are fairies and to show them to everyone...!

Inside the school building, Ian's father receives a pair of clippers from another teacher to give them to the guidance teacher. He glances outside the window and sees Rin and Ian...

Outside, Ian knows he has to make a decision because he wants to protect Rin. He knows Rin can help him and so he asks her to believe in him once more and give him her hand just like at that time... He knows that if Rin lends him some strength, he will be able to see that dazzling world around Rin. Holding one of Rin's hands, Ian closes his eyes and much to the astonishment of the surrounding students and Rin herself, beautiful fairies suddenly dance through the air with a glaring light above them. Tears are streaming down Rin's face because she is moved so deeply by the fairies' beauty and Ian says that even now, the world that Rin lives in is so beautiful. And then - the small wonder is over and the students think it was all just an illusion. Suddenly, Rin grabs Ian by his arm and leads him away. Ian's father watches them flee from the place. Surprised by what he just witnessed, he lets the clippers drop to the floor...
Ian and Rin have stopped running to catch their breath. Ian says that even though the trees in front of the school formed a circle like the stones they've used before, it was Rin's belief in him that made it all possible! He gently takes one of her hands and confesses to her he loves her. He couldn't tell her all the time but it is true. The time of lying is over and he invites her to go to that distant world with him... But it is already too late! Rin's eyes are wide with terror... A thin line of blood is flowing from Ian's mouth... He doesn't seem to realize what's going on... In the antique shop, the doll Ainsel and the shop owner Kaito realize it has begun...
Tokage's face is filled with glee and madness as he stands behind Ian's father who has thrust the clippers right through his sons body - from his back through his heart! Ian finally let's go of Rin's hand.
This - is his death...!

(To be continued...)

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