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At the police station, Ian is being told by the police officer that the investigators did not find a dead body in the alleyway and that there also wasn't anything suspicious about the antique shop and its owner. Ian can't believe it but he's also shocked when the officer tells him he know's he's Ian the Liar, the son of the writer Hasumi Kazumi. He knows that from since he was a small boy, Ian has been famous to cause trouble by saying he can see fairies or that he saw shinigami (Gods of Death) at a house where a funeral was held. The officer tells him to stop try and get everyone's attention with things like that because he isn't a small child anymore.
Suddenly, a woman is led into the police station rather noisily. She's yelling that she's not lying and they should stop treating her like a criminal. She also tells someone called Rin to go home. And it's no other than Ishinagi Rin! She's standing in the door with several bruises in her face. She's surprised and a little ashamed to meet Ian in this place. While her mother, still protesting, is being led away by an officer, Rin and Ian are told to leave the police station. When Rin notices the shocked look on Ian's face, she tells him that it's just like always and he shouldn't be surprised because he knows about those things. Rin says she only knows her mother like this, beating Rin since she was a little girl. Ian must still remember that her father was the editor of Ian's father and a real workaholic. He only came home once in a while and her mother was absolutely unhappy about that. Her father noticed Rin's bruises and inquired her about them. (We see a scene of Rin's past: Her father is yelling at her mother and tries to tear her mother away from Rin.)

Rin also remembers how her father often let her play with Ian:
In a flashback of the past, Rin is standing next to Ian, who's kneeling on the floor and is drawing a picture in a sketchbook, surrounded by lots of other images he's already finished. She asks him what he is seeing and drawing. With a glowing look on his face, he answers that it is the real world. It is a country of light you can only see if you are friends with "them." Ian also mentions that there is a lot of light around Rin, too. Rin, whose face is badly bruised, says she wants to see that country too.

In the present, Ian remembers that Rin was the first person ever not to laugh at him and ask him about it. And that's why one day (in another flashback), Ian led Rin (who has a bandage around a head) through a fence into a garden. They made a circle out of beautiful small stones on the grass and prayed. At the break of dawn, they wrapped themselves in a blanket... And at that moment tiny pretty fairies with childrens' faces appeared and danced in the air above Ian and Rin! One moment later, they had already changed into a swarm of transparent butterflies in the sun but Rin was absolutely amazed and yelled that she had been able to see them. Deeply moved, she believed Ian that this world existed and said she wanted to go there... She said she hated her parents and that adults thought children didn't have feelings and that's why they didn't mind hitting them or lying to them. Ian said that he'll go too; they should go and search for the entrance together. However, Rin asked him: "But what about your dad?" Ian, still wrapped in the blanket, replied that to his father, he was just a replacement for his mother. He was worried that Ian too might one day fly away, just like his mother. That's why his father hated the marks of the wings (insect wings!) on Ian's back. Rin looked totally puzzled so Ian pulled his shirt up and showed Rin his back. And yes, there were marks of a pair of beautiful butterfly-like wings on Ian's back! Rin was amazed by them and asked Ian if they'd been there since he was born and if his mother had them too. Looking slightly worried, Ian asked Rin if she wasn't scared but smiling, Rin said no and that she thought they were beautiful.

But right at that moment, Rin's parents and their friends appeared. Her mother slapped Rin, who was still holding up Ian's shirt because she wanted to show Ian's back to her mother, hard across her face and yells at her for spending the night away at that age and for bringing so much shame upon her. She grabbed Rin by her arm and pulled her away.
Ian's father was there, too, to take Ian with him. But standing behind his father was no other than Tokage, looking rather upset! Ian screamed that he must have led them all here and while Tokage was smirking darkly, Ian asked him him why he did such things all the time. And Tokage leapt up into the air and looked down menacingly on Ian, replying it was because he hated Ian!

Back in the present, Rin remembers how right after that incident, her father transferred to a new job and they moved away, so Ian couldn't meet Rin anymore. At that time, Rin went once more to Ian's house, but Ian didn't open his door and yelled at Rin how it was all her fault that his father got mad at him. While Ian's father was standing right behind Rin, Ian went on that the land of the light of the fairies was just a lie and that normally, you couldn't see such things. That's why those weren't fairies and they had only seen them because they'd wanted to; there weren't any wings on Ian's back, those were just birthmarks. ... And that was how Rin and Ian parted.

Part 4

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