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Meanwhile, in the present, Ian is on his way home, when he hears a teenage couple talking about the recent strange incidents. The girl doesn't believe in fairies, but the boy says that there have been a lot of these cases where people died a cruel death because their backs were opened like they'd grown wings and there was blood splattered all over them. There are also people who claim to have seen countless small glittering things flying away from those dead bodies. And that's why they are called the Fairy Murders.
Ian watches the couple walk away with Tokage standing behind him; he doesn't believe that fairies would kill people. But then suddenly, Tokage snatches Ian's schoolbag and runs away with it. Ian sees the bag lying on the corner of a street and when he runs to grab it, he turns to look down the small alleyway and sees a young woman's dead body with blood splattered all over her back. There's also a young long-haired man with old-fashioned clothes holding a doll and Ian believes him to be the murderer. (This is the scene from page one of the installment.) The man mentions that that annoying girl must have eaten a thing called "Fairy Cube" very untidily and picks up something which looks like a small glass cube with a butterfly enclosed in it and puts it into the chest of the doll he's holding. And then, to Ian's great surprise, the beautiful doll starts to talk! She complains to the man she calls Kaito that he put "her" into an incomplete object again because the doll's body is missing its left arm. Kaito replies that in a complete object, "her" (its?) powers couldn't be controlled. Then he walks away with the doll because as he says, such a long stay isn't necessary.
Ian decides to follow the man because he can't just let the supposed murderer get away. He doesn't see the evil smirk on Tokage's face...

The man disappears inside an antique shop and Ian follows him into it. A parrot in a cage greets him with a repeated "Irasshaimase" and suddenly, the young man he's been following stands behind him and welcomes him. His right eye, which we couldn't see before, is now covered with a pretty patch with a cross on it. He pushes Ian towards a wall with many different cubes just like the one the man picked up from the dead body. They are hanging on the wall in different sizes. They are like crystals and each of them holds a different insect. A huge fairy (enclosed in a large cube or just an image?) is framed by many smaller cubes. Ian is amazed by them and the shop owner is suprised he hasn't seen them before because they are quite popular at the moment and wants to give one of them to Ian. But Ian rejects this offer quite harshly saying he doesn't want it and hasn't any money anyway. But the man tries to calm him down a bit and says that the incident before was a misunderstanding: He didn't kill the girl, he only found her dead body by chance. The girl had stolen the cube from the shop. When he found her dead body, he took the cube back even though he didn't really want to have something to do with the whole incident. But Ian still isn't quite convinced that the man is innocent and asks him about his doll. Why did she start to talk the instance he put the cube into her? But even now the man has an explanation: He says he's a ventriloquist and makes fun of Ian because he really believed a doll could talk. Ian blushes and storms off but before he can leave the shop, the man tells him that it's impossible to even throw away that stone he gave Ian. It's now exclusively his and he is cursed by himself.

Ian slams the door shut and inside the splendid antique shop, the doll starts to talk again. She says the poor boy is already dead. Kaito, who calls that doll Ainsel, says it can't be helped after all because such has been the karma from the time he was born. Besides, they might prove to be stubborn... both Hasumi Ian and the "exchange boy" behind him, that green Tokage-kun (green lizard).

On his way to the nearest police station, Ian wonders about "being cursed", about the guy in the shop and about the cube he got from him - a cube with a small (green?) lizard bearing a long, tattoo-like mark on his back enclosed in it!

Part 3

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