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I'm leading you
From the reality that binds you
To a world of fascination...

With eyes still wide in terror and pain, a young woman lies dead in an alleyway. Her back is splattered with a lot of blood. There is a curious giggling while light, transparent wings are fluttering up into the air. A handsome young man with long blonde hair that covers his right eye, a black hat and a gorgeous old-fashioned suit watches the scene of the brutal murder while holding a beautiful doll in his arm. He states she was probably not well-adapted, the pitiful being.

A boy is talking about his childhood. He tells us that whenever he asked about his mother, his father would say that she was like a fairy. (There is an image of a tiny pretty fairy.) We see a woman holding her little baby boy close to her and the boy tells us more of his memories of his mother, that she was a beautiful woman with green hair and red eyes and how she used to hold him. And that's why he believed his father for a long time.
But now the boy's hair and eyes are black and his aunt told him that his mother was a normal person just like him. And then he takes us to what he calls his grey real world.

In school, some girls are bullying the new student, Ishinagi Rin, and grab her by the shoulder. The black-haired girl tells them to leave her alone but when she tries to free herself, she accidently hits a blonde boy, Hasumi Ian. Ian says he finds it heart-breaking that such cute girls can talk so dirty and get into fist fights. He finds it too sad to see them gang up against one person.

The girls act all innocently and leave Ian and Rin behind. They keep on talking about Ian; one girl says she knows about his lies, that he's been claiming to be able to see fairies since he was a small boy but how you just couldn't hate him because he looks so cute.

Meanwhile, Ian is about to walk away from Rin but she yells after him and asks him why he helped his childhood friend just now, even though he's been ignoring her ever since she came back to this city. She wants to know if he remembers what he'd told her back then before they said goodbye. And Ian does remember! Smiling broadly, he repeats the words he told Rin a long time ago: He hates her. He also claims he didn't save her and makes up a lame excuse.
Their little quarrel is interupted by Ian's father who's a teacher at their school and who asks Ian to follow him into the classroom. He also advises Rin to hold back her conspicuous behavior.
Ian tells us that Rin has been getting into fights with older students ever since she transferred to this school.

Ian also introduces us to his father: He used to be a famous writer but now he's a Japanese teacher as well as Ian's homeroom teacher. His words are always correct and honest and sincere. Ian knows his father's true form, though. But he's convinced that no one would believe him.

And Ian has yet another dark secret: He has another personality (?). The boy is called Tokage (which means lizard) and has red eyes and green hair, just like the green of the lizard who Ian remembers to have cut the tail off when he was a small child. Long ago, Ian believed that everyone had such a second personality following them, but when he talked about it, people called him a liar and that's when he realized that only he was able to see his other self.
We learn even more about Ian's past: He tells us that from early on he often sensed other strange things and was able to see them for just a short moment. And with the help of pebbles, he formed a circle so Rin could see those things too...
Rin thought the sight was absolutely wonderful and she told Ian that she always believed Ian and that she never believed him to be a liar. They'd keep this secret just between the two of them and Rin asks Ian to look for the Fairy World together. But from that day on, Ian wasn't able to meet Rin anymore because it was something they weren't supposed to see.

Part 2

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