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Merry were formed in October 2001 and due to their unique blend of heavy rock, pop, retro rock'n'roll, jazz and swing elements, have become one of the most promising bands in the visual kei indies scene. This fan site is dedicated to them and their music. If you like what you see, read, hear, please support the band and buy their releases! (See the shopping links in the links section.)

Last update: July 26, 2004 [Site updates] [Band news]

モダンギャルド - Modern-garde, Merry's second album and without a doubt their best release to date is out now! Order it online at Third Stage/HMV/Brand X/Guruguru.

For more album details see the band news.

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このサイトは英語だけです。This site is an English fan site aimed at English-speaking Merry fans with little or no knowledge of the Japanese language.

This is Black Sheep version four, featuring Nero and the rest of the Merry gang.
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