July, 2004

New CD
For the first time ever, the tour goods that are sold during the New Standard Renaissance tour that started on July 13 in Nagoya also include a tour pamphlet. It has 20 pages and contains a CD featuring two newly-recorded songs: '■■■■■■' and 'Mother'!

Merry will be playing on the TV Asahi 45th anniversary event KINGDOM ROCK SHOW 2004.
Date: September 2, 2004
Location: Nippon Budokan
Line-up: Janne Da Arc, La'cryma Christi, Psycho le cemu, Wyse, Merry

June 30, 2004

New album: モダンギャルド (Modern-garde)

1.流離(さすらい)ラプソディー (Sasurai Rhapsody)
2.ジャパニーズモダニスト (Japanese Modernist)
3.恋哀交差点 (Ren'ai Kousaten)
4.ハライソ (HARAISO)
5.躊躇いシャッフル (Tamerai Shuffle)
6.青春ノイローゼ (Seishun Neurose)
7.心切(うらぎり)ループ (Uragiri Loop)
8.T.O.P 9.レスト イン ピース (Rest In Peace)
10.ロストジェネレーション (Lost Generation)
11.黒い虹 (Kuroi Niji)

This is Merry's second album, released through Gekiyaku Record on June 30, 2004. Catalogue number FROCKA-005; 3150 Yen.

Several album release events organized by certain record stores are held throughout Japan until the end of August.

Album promotion tour: New Standard Renaissance
2004/07/13 Nagoya Electric Lady Land
2004/07/14 Osaka Banana Hall
2003/07/18 Kudan Kaikan Dai-Hall
--->Tokyo Part 1 of 2: avant-garde version
2003/07/24 Takeshiba Club Holiday
--->Tokyo Part 2 of 2: modern-garde version

Tour August '04: New Standard Renaissance
2004/08/06 Mito Lighthouse
2004/08/08 Kumagaya Vogue
2004/08/10 Hook Sendai
2004/08/13 Club24 Yokohama
2004/08/16 Nagano Club Junk Box
2004/08/17 Niigata Club Junk Box
2004/08/23 Shizuoka Sunash
2004/08/25 Fukuoka Drum Son
2004/08/27 Kyoto Muse
2004/08/29 Kobe Star Club

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