2004/12/06 As requested by FROCKS, the gallery and download page have been taken down respectively. Please don't email me about those contents; all emails requesting me to send them images or video files of the band will be ignored. Thanks.

2004/07/26 Big update: new site design and lots of new stuff, including: updated band news, history, live history and discography sections; lyrics for Modern-garde and the 2 album-preview singles are up + we now have song translations! 6 translations are already up, more will follow shortly. The Merry A to Z was tweaked slightly (record label entry), the gallery features 10 new images and the link section has been updated. The downloads section now features a video clip of Merry performing 'Japanese Modernist' at the Beauti-fool's Fest 03. Whew. What an update. Enjoy :)

2004/07/08 It's been quite a while, but here I am, finally updating this site again. Merry's new album is out! Scroll down for the track listing and more details on it, as well as the latest live dates etc. Expect some major site updates in the very near future!

2004/04/27 We finally have some news about Merry's 2nd album! Added a release date for the new album and dates for the accompanying album promo tour (see below for details).

2004/01/09 Added the release date for the regular versions of the 2 new maxis.

2003/12/20 The title/tracklist for the 2nd album preview maxi has been added.

2003/12/08 More new release info added. Changed the link to the new official site.

2003/11/20 New maxi regular version release info.

2003/11/18 Added the 3 latest live dates and more info on the new release *points below* More info added to the member profiles. New/updated entries in the Merry encyclopedia (A to Z): Eroguro (updated), Gekkan Merry, Hentai, Hentaido, Maruo Suehiro, Super Merries.

2003/11/15 Took down the Violet Harenchi PV, added more info about the bonus track on Haikarasan ga toorisugita ato... in the discography.

2003/11/02 A new section, merry's live history, is up. Infos on the new releases and more live dates added below.

2003/10/31 Added additional info on the 20030829 DVD in the discography; download section with the Violet Harenchi PV has been uploaded.

Older updates aren't available because I deleted them accidently -_-;