welcome to coup d'etat, an unofficial fan site dedicated to the tokyo-based rock band baroque. Since February 2002, we've been trying to offer information to both long-time fans and people new to the band. Enjoy your stay, navigation is to your right.

last update: September 13, 2004

important notice:
On September 11, 2004, baroque announced they are disbanding.

English translations of the official breakup notice and member comments here.

Please keep checking the official site or this website for details of the upcoming last concert.

Thank you, baroque, for being such an amazing band throughout the past 3 years!

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1, In July 2002, S'CUBE (baroque's office/management) asked me to remove all images and lyrics of the band from this site. That's why you won't find neither a gallery page nor original Japanese lyrics (i.e. 'unromanized' versions) on this site anymore.
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3, I never thought I'd have to say this but: I am not baroque nor am I affiliated with them, their management or their record label. Please bear this in mind when you email me ^^;

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