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Translations were done by me. They are subject to error as I did them in a rush (and in slight shock about the breakup). Nevertheless, please don't put them up on other sites without giving credit. Thanks.

baroque disbanding notice

We truly thank you for supporting baroque all this time.
As a result of repeated discussions between both the band members and the office staff because of bassist Bansaku's leaving the band, baroque, who started activities in August 2001, are disbanding.
Furthermore, we will announce an official breakup schedule as well as details on both the recently postponed fanclub-only live show and event plus details on a last concert here on this site as soon as they've been determined.
We really thank all the fans and all people concerned who gave their support during the last 3 years.


Member comments


I'm sorry for having everyone worry for such a long time.
I was really worried to say these words to all you fans.
But even we ourselves didn't know what to do and were worried.
After those talks about [Bansaku's] 'retiring', there was a part of me that honestly couldn't understand it!
But you see, even though those three years were a short time, we climbed over so many obstacles together, we cried together, we got angry together, we laughed together, we spent every day together the whole time.
That's why we thought we should also end this together.
That's the answer baroque have given.
Right now, I can only say 'sorry' to all of you fans.
I'm sorry.
But I think that when we'll meet for the last time, I'll be able to say 'thank you' to all of you fans for being with us. So let's have an enjoyable time when we're holding the last concert!
Let's all laugh and cry and make this the best day ever! There are still so many things I want to write, but I'll save them for the last show.
And finally, one more thing.
Thank you to all the fans and people concerned who always supported us no matter what during these 3 years.
And to the members of baroque: thank you.
This life is the best!


I was with Ryo, Akirakun and Banchan, I have been so totally enthusiastic about baroque, the four of us made music every day, I lived my life. And even though there were various problems, there were all those of you who supported us and I can't even put it all into words properly, I was totally happy, I had so much fun and it's all so precious to me... .
It's tough to let all of this end!
Those are just my personal regards, I'm sorry about that.
All of us truly love baroque and we want to stay together as the four of us so we decided to disband.
Please understand that.
I'm truly sorry for being so selfish and self-absorbed until the very last moment.
I'm honestly and seriously sad, but we'll be the members of baroque forever and ever.
Thanks so much for everything up to now.
I'm absolutely grateful.


It was only 3 years ago that baroque started.
I didn't think there would ever come a time we'd disband!
We had finished the recordings for sug life and I'd heard Banchan talking of wanting to quit, but first I couldn't believe this was about us and I was shaking and worried, and I couldn't grasp its true meaning. And even after that, when I had time to think, I was all by myself and I was so worried like I've never been before and thought about it all. But baroque was the four of us after all, there wouldn't have been any sense in continuing with even just one of us missing.
That's both my and the members' decision.
So that's why even though it might have started with Banchan's decision, it was the four of us who came to that conclusion.
I'm sad but I'll have to adjust my emotions [to the new situation] now.
To all of the fans who've supported us until now, I can only say I'm deeply sorry!
To the fans who've supported us so much in a situation like this, I'd like to express my gratefulness and that I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
The full details haven't been decided yet, but as a last concert is being arranged, I think this is going to be a day I'll be able to smile.
That's why even this might sound a bit strange at a time like this, I hope we'll have a good time.
By the way, I'm feeling well again.
I'm sorry for making you worried.


Because the four of us have always been the best, I couldn't go on while I was doubting myself. So for the first time, the wish to quit the band was born inside of me.
I believed that if I'm constantly doubting things, lies will arise in the music and that's what I still believe.
As I felt those doubts for the first time, I told everyone about that.
When work on the album was done, I couldn't find any things I wanted to do or achieve with the band anymore.
I thought that I honestly couldn't continue being in the band with feelings like that.
And then we discussed a lot, we thought things over, felt worried, had a lot of discussions again, and now we've decided to disband and are also in the middle of planning a [last] concert.
To be up there means everything to me.
To continue being the coolest band.
The feelings of being truly grateful and feeling sorry are all mixed up and it's really hard.
But I truly thank you so much.

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