Here are a few links to DAS:VASSER-related sites:

Tsuki no Namida | A wonderful Matina fan site that has new release info, reviews, live reports and band files (not restricted to Matina bands). Japanese.

JILS Re:vive | eve's site for JILS, the band Ichirou joined in December 2001. With member profiles, a history, gallery and discography. Very informative and comprehensive. English.

Ark Project | Indies site with lots of stuff, e.g. band files (including Result of Tear). Japanese.

Mayonaka no Gensou | YumieL's fansite with live pics of various indies bands, lyrics, mp3s and a gorgeous fanart section including pics of DAS:VA members. English.

Invasion Dream | Huge indies site, has a DAS:VASSER gallery and mp3s via streamload. English.

In the Zalemu | Indies site with a few DAS:VA mp3s via streamload. Has individual pages for Kagerou, Madeth gray'll, deadman and others, too. English.

The Blue Sky Complex | JRock site with band profiles, reviews, images and much more. English.

Eternal Blood Relative | Has lots and lots of eyecandy of both indies and major bands. English.

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