January: DAS:VASSER is formed by Kyouhei (vo.) and Hideaki (ba.). Their line-up is completed by Ichirou (g.) and Noburin (dr.).
April: The band, based in Osaka, release their first demotape "VASSER".
July: DAS:VASSER join Matina, the record company founded by Kisaki (ex-La'Sadies/Mirage, now Syndrome).
October: "Sapphire", the band's second demotape is released. First one man show (sold out).
December: Their second one-man live takes place and sells out like the first.


February: One-man live at Osaka Nishikujou Brand New.
March: The band go on their first nation-wide tour.
May: Release of their first album, "VASSER...".
July: A two-day live event is held at Osaka Nishikujou Brand New, the band's second album "- (Minus)" is released.
September: Two one man lives. At the end of the month DAS:VASSER release their first single"≠(Not equal)" and Noburin leaves the band.
October: Tarou joins the band, replacing Noburin.
December: One man at Osaka Nishikujou Brand New, the first one featuring the band's new line-up with Tarou as their drummer.


February: The single CECIL is sold at their one man show on the 11th of the month.
June & July: DAS:VASSER go on a nation-wide coupling tour with Due' le quartz.
October: The band's third mini-album "Synchro" is released. It features support vocals by Zephyr's Shinobu and Madeth gray'll's Reika.


Early '01: DAS:VASSER leave Matina.
March: On March 10th, the session band Gyarandou, consisting of members of DAS:VASSER, Syndrome, Madeth gray'll, Vasalla, ElDorado, Medical Trance Peach and d.p.s. (THE DEAD POP STARS), release their first and so far only demotape. The songs were recorded in late 2000.
"un_dead children" is released, the band's first CD since leaving Matina and their last release to date.
May: On May 1st, Ichirou and Tarou leave the band at the one-man at Osaka BIG CAT. The band play all of their songs and are joined on stage by Zephyr and Noburin, their ex-drummer.
June: Akira joins the band (consisting of the remaining two members Kyouhei and Hideaki) as their new guitarist. DAS:VASSER move from Osaka to Tokyo.
August: After three months without any stage appearances, the band take part in the PSYNICAL WALTZ Vol:IV live event at ON AIR Osaka on August 10th, that also features Zephyr, Jakura, Phobia, ElDorado, Kagerou and Syndrome among others. The band will have smaller live appearances till the end of the year.


February 16: DAS:VASSER hold their last live at Meguro Livestation and disband.