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"It can't be..."
Ainsel and Elijah/Ian are in front of the antique shop, or at least what remains of it...! All that is left of it is ruins and rubble, the whole inventary seems to have disappeared - and with it Kaito. This makes Ainsel so furious, she accuses Ian of having taking to long which caused Kaito to suspect Ainsel might have got along with Ian a bit too well, which is terrible because her heart belongs solely to Kaito! Ian can't believe his ears but also thinks to himself that it is rather strange that Kaito would just disappear and leave Ainsel behind.

Ian's thoughts are interrupted when someone says "This is the place. But he has already escaped..."
Little Elijah/Ian turns around and sees a handsome tall man in a suit with shoulder-length dark hair that covers his right eye (and an eye-patch) standing in front of the ruins of the store, a car parked behind him and someone in the car saying to the man "You can't use it after all, Raven."

Ian looks surprised and wonders who these people are. Do they know Kaito? And then suddenly, the tall man seems to have become aware of Ian's presence, turns towards him and gives him a strange look. This makes Ian ask himself if the man can see him and Ainsel. Is the amulet not working? ...But this person doesn't have wings, so...

The person in the back of the car calls the man in the suit ("Ray?") but the latter merely says he must have guessed wrong and tells the other one that they should leave again. The person in the back of the car, a young guy with short hair, muses that if that person is really the man Raven said he is, he'll be back real soon to interfere again. The man called Raven is back in the car and has already turned on the engine, when the younger guy in the back leans out of the window, apologises and leaves with a remark that the guy's eye seems scary.

A cloud of fumes envelopes Ian and Ainsel who are left standing there rather puzzled. Ian asks the fairy if those people are acquaintances of Kaito's but Ainsel doesn't know. She says all she felt was some sort of powerful protection (we see the car shielded by two huge claws), and that she couldn't see anything! The little fairy looks deeply distressed when she notes that it was keeping her from finding out the true identity of those people and adds it is rather scary and that Kaito has probably vanished because he wanted to run away from them. This makes Ian remember that he still doesn't know his goals and wonders who he truly is and where he disappeared to. But nevertheless, he tells Ainsel to cheer up and says Kaito won't just abandon her if they really are lovers (which sends Ainsel into another fit of anger ^^;).

A bluebell blossoms as Rin remembers Ian's words "Let's go to the Land of Fairies together, Rin" and then we see her sitting against a wall in her school uniform. She is aware that these words were the words of the 'old' Ian after all. The 'recent' Ian seemed to have gone somewhere far away, but if he that still remains within his heart... She remembers how they'd kissed and she thinks she'll believe in her beloved boyfriend just a little bit longer. He told her he would cut off contact with his underlings. And Rin can't help but agree that those guys are no longer following him, even when they meet in the corridors, they are merely winking at each other. She also feels bad about it because it looks like she made him stop hanging out with his friends out of her own selfishness. She thinks back of the moment when they were hugging each other. Ian had asked her what she was talking about, stressing the fact that she was more important to him than his gang; and then he had kissed her. Rin is happy but at the same time she thinks it was strange somehow as she was rather surprised that he would be able to say such a thing.

Part 2

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