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Greetings, dear visitor. Welcome to Fairy Tales, a fansite dedicated to the manga Fairy Cube.

Fairy Cube is the latest series by Yuki Kaori, the mangaka who brought us shoujo manga gems like Tenshikinryouku/Angel Sanctuary, the Hakushaku KAIN/Count Cain series, Shounen Zanzou, Neji and others.

Here you will find general Fairy Cube information, latest news, publishing info, detailed summaries of the chapters published in Hana to Yume, character profiles and analyses, as well as descriptions of the Fairy Cube world including explanations of names, mysteries and mythological background.

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November 7, 2005: Story guides to installments 5, 6 and 7 are finally available. The Manga Info page has all the details you need for ordering the first volume of Fairy Cube! The Fairy World page has been updated with several topics.

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