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URL: http://www.yuukitenshi.net/baroque/
webmistress: Yuuya
contact: yuuya@yuukitenshi.net

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baroque's official site. japanese.

Site of the publisher of Shoxx and Arena 37C. japanese.

invasion dream
Cassiel's visual kei site, has a baroque page. english.

dennoushiki baby doll
site with very very cute and pretty baroque fanart. japanese.

Zaka's site. Lots of cool visual/JRock indies fanart. English.

Rushed blue
Visual kei site by krys. Has lots of useful band profiles, very cool live reports and so on. English.

Youth gone wild
anji's domain, has very informative and nicely designed sites for cali gari (one of Bansaku's favourite bands) and other JRock bands. English.

~In the zalemu~
rin's visual kei site. has various band mini-sites (Gullet, deadman etc.). English.

Third Stage
Third Stage's shopping section for overseas customers. Very reliable. english.

CD Japan
Very good for major releases. The shipping&handling fees are quite hight, though. English.

The Japanese branch of HMV. Japanese/English.

Brand X
Nice shop that offers a wide range of JRock/visual kei items. japanese.

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